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Hey guys. I’ve thought about doing a video about this for a long time. Over the years of doing Game Theory, people have had one MAJOR problem with the series – the use of fanart. And since I’m covering the Scott Fan Art Issue as well, I figured what better day than today to address it. I’ve done my best to set rules in place to keep fanart out of Game Theory but accidents happen and things slip through the cracks. Today I am setting the record straight on Game Theory and fanart. Plus, hopefully giving you fan artists some advice on how to keep your fanart from being stolen.

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23 thoughts on “Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem

  1. If my art was in a video of MatPat I would be really happy and wouldn't care he "stole" my art, because, I would be kinda honored that my art is in a Game Theory episode.

  2. If I were actually good at art and I knew how to post it I would honestly find it the coolest thing in the world if a fellow creator used my work in a Youtube video or (if I had it) a retweet on social media I would personally E-Mail the person who used then telling them how honored I am that they used my art. (you can tell I'm a kid can't you?)


  4. Why are Fanartists so upset? I've shared a few drawings I made of game characters I love, and I couldn't imagine being anything other then flattered if my art was mistaken for the real deal.

  5. From an artist standpoint i just have seen so much art being reposted without a credit(including my own). And it's so painful to see all of your hard work going without your credit.
    I honestly think that you should've adressed the issue much sooner(especially the dokidoki sprites).
    Plus artists are often very sensitive about their art so they can overreact let them have it.

    By the way you can also commission some art for videos(like something specific and stuff)

  6. Does this mean Project Libitina from Team Salvato isn't real. I had hopes MatPat I had HOOOPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  7. I think it's absolutely SICK how people take such little coincidences and makes them into this big deal. I currently am working on fanart and I post on reddit everyday, and there are people who steal my creations, post them on youtuber, pics art, Instagram and other social media without my permission but I'm cool with it. Because I can make more just like that, but the thing I hate is when someone who sees the stolen version and contacts me saying "oh my god, don't post stolen images that (e.g) markiplier posted first.

  8. Hello, my kind mattpatt sir. I am an artist that can be considered to make fan art. This has gotten so insane that a friend of mine`s YouTube channel has been smacked for using fan art, fan art that I have watermarks on and even gave to him to use specifically.

  9. I love your vids but this is kinda a roast but still
    Thumbnail: film theory has a problem
    Answer :mat pat
    I'm sorry

  10. there should be a "report to the creator" button where if I'm watching a video and see a piece of fan art I can click that button and write a message like "hi, Mat that (fan art) at (video time) is fan art or it's my fan art" or something and he can then go credit me or the original artist or if he can't find the artist he can say does anyone know who the original artist is in the comments or description.

  11. Maybe the line, "And that's just a Chat.. A Chat with Pat.. and Cut" I just think a good vibe at the end is a great way to end something like this.

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