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15 thoughts on “Advanced Paths Functions in GameMaker Studio

  1. hey so ive got this set so that when the player obj get withing a range of the enemy the enemy will begin to chase it, and if the player leave the range the enemy stops. my issue is that the enemy doesnt stop, but instead tries to get to the last made path end so to speak and ends up going in small circle or bouncing randomly around the area where the player was. any way to fix this? perhaps a way to destroy the created path?

  2. Is it possible to attach a path to follow the mouse_x and mouse_y or an object then have an travel around that path?. My experiments have fail and I'm struggling to come across anything similar. Previous I just made my own path in an array by using a path would give me more built in functionality

  3. i copied the exact code in the video so that the enemys would walk around walls but they just walk through the walls really slowly. do you think you could help me?
    code: if instance_exists(obj_player)
    spd stands for the speed that the enemys walk.

  4. I just can't get my object to stop animating when it has reached the end of the path. It's not responding to speed, but it's responding to direction. I feel so stupid at the moment..

  5. Great video(s) – been really enjoying them as I learn GMS. Am I correct in assuming the next video you'll be using tilemaps with the mp_grid calls?

  6. can you make a video for platformer enemy IA, like detecting and following player, with maybe paths too, love your videos . thanks !!!!

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