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22 thoughts on “Best of Supermega Edits – Game Grumps Compilation

  1. And now we're just stuck with whatever the fuck Ben is. He tries to be as chaotic as them but just falls way too short.

  2. Ahhhh man, this was such a good era. I'm glad I still get to see Matt & Ryan's particular style of editing and humor in their own shows, which I've been watching more than ever now. I really do miss seeing their work on Grumps though. I mean they put in some damn hard work on their edits, and I think because they also do a duo let's play show they knew how to really highlight some of the best moments.
    I'm glad I at least got to see it while it lasted, heh :')

  3. I loved Matt and Ryan so much if only for the completely unprompted bits like the fucking random bone cracks and screams

  4. matt and ryan were such creative editors and always put in things that weren’t even asked for that put a sprinkle of supermega type comedy i love it

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