Welcome to my ”Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.” |Longplay – Playthrough – Gameplay| with Zipperhead on ePSXe – video with no added commentary.

”Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.” is a 3D fighting video game, set with really complex lore. Where you must choose between one of the eight characters and compete in fighting tournament. For this playthrough i choose to play with ”Zipperhead”. Developed by ”Saffire Corporation” and published by ”Midway Games”.

One of the worst ”Playstation 1” titles i have played. The games AI is just horrible, only way to beat it is exploiting it with cheap tactics. If that’s not enough controls are just as horrible. I don’t think they tested this game before releasing.

If i had to rate this game: 1/5

This video is recorded – played in my style – and edited by me. Longplay is made as fluid as possible without any deaths, unnecessary menus, loading screens, or stumbling around. No time is wasted.
All gaming videos on my channel are my original content which I create myself.

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16 thoughts on “Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (PS1) – Zipperhead |Longplay – Playthrough – Gameplay| No Commentary

  1. Lmaoo the last boss missed the damn platform and fell right into the water during his introduction

  2. I see a lot of comments saying this game is really bad, yet I beg to differ. I love this game to this day, but I’ll admit the PS1 controls are a bit… wonky. I prefer the N64 version, it’s not better in a lot of categories but when it comes to controls, I find them perfect. Soundtrack sucks on N64 though, but the graphics are also a bit smoother.

  3. If I can find this and War Gods, they would go great with Mortal Kombat 4 in my PSONE collection, since they're all Midway fighting games.

  4. That introduction is scarily too realistic. With Disney trying to buy out companies, that is terrifying.

  5. Honestly, the Mutilator wouldn’t be such a hard fight if the controls were even halfway better than they are. It’s head is it’s only weak spot, so you have to either run out it’s shield and then shoot it, or jump up like the guy in this video and smack him a bunch.

    Of course, with a near uncontrollable camera and 3-d controls, it’s a lot easier said than done. And the Mutilator doesn’t just sit and let you jump around him, he smacks you out of the air with his regular melee attacks and a giant eye laser that is unblockable along with missiles.

    Of course, if you get knocked into the water, not only does the camera and controls make it next-to-impossible to get back on a platform, there are fish the eat your arms off if you stay still too long.

    If you want to play this at anything higher than easy, good friggen luck, because the A.I certainly knows what it’s doing better than you do.

  6. Хорошая игра и на мой взгляд они её могли сделать не хуже Мортал Комбат.Здесь очень колоритные персонажи.И она действительно страшная и жуткая.

  7. I can see this game as a reboot, just make it more of a third person Dragonball Xenoverse-esk gameplay. Won't break any record sales, probably will go the same hype as Killer Instinct but still i'd put a tear in my eye.

  8. Are you kidding me? You don't know nothing of zepperhead attacks, shotting and guarding all the time is not a good fighter men! Whatever, thanks for the video 🙂

  9. I would consider this game a guilty pleasure for me. While its really bad in controls and gameplay its fun in terms of being a wacky bad fighting game plus the intriguing characters and concepts of the game Is interesting in itself.

  10. Hi. Are you going to keep playing this game? If so, will you do a walkthrough with the other characters this time? I always enjoyed this game and would like to see more of it later.

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