Broomstick League Gameplay Review Beta, of what might be the next Rocket League. Essentially a Quidditch game. pReview:
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#BroomstickLeague gameplay review of the beta ahead of release to showcase this exciting sporting game. It’s basically a Quidditch game which is quite fun, with bots or online multiplayer.

It feels like Rocket League in spirit and could potentially be an exciting experience for players. Broomstick League Xbox One and PS4 would be great down the road.


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6 thoughts on “Broomstick League Gameplay Review Beta – Next Rocket League, Quidditch Game

  1. Their goal might be to get big enough to actually get the rights to make Quidditch with the IP. However, Quidditch as a game doesn't work competitively so they'd also have to get permission to change the Seeker dynamic. This simplified version could prove to be better than actual Quidditch.

  2. Playing 3v3 without beaters and seekers feels like an arcade version of quidditch, if they'd implement more elements I would consider giving it a go.

  3. Broomstick League Gameplay Review Beta – Next Rocket League, Quidditch Game
    . Hope the performance is alright visually, my setting typically aren't a problem and I debated if this was a fine state. Liked what the footage had gameplay wise so kept with it

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