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Bucket Blast is a collection of 15 indoor and outdoor games. It comes with six buckets, 24 bean bags, six belts, six blindfolds, four boundary cones, and a mesh bag for storage. The instruction booklet describes the different games and rules: Beanbag Basketball, Beanbag Balance, Beanbag Partners, Beanbag Limbo Line, Sandwich Line, Water Run, Water Log, True Partnership, Straight Across, Totally Wet, Beanbag Match, Fours the Charm, Shot in the Dark, Beanbag Hunt, and Guess the Beanbag. The games are for as few as four players and as many as 50 players.

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2 thoughts on “Bucket Blast from Lolo

  1. i need the instructions on each game and what games can be played mine were ruined and i cant find anywhere on the web to get the instructions for each game so plz if someone can help me out let me know thank u

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