In this coding challenge, I attempt to code Conway’s Game of Life cellular automata simulation in JavaScript using the p5.js library.


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🎥2D Arrays in JavaScript:
🎥The Modulo Operator with Golan Levin:

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23 thoughts on “Coding Challenge #85: The Game of Life

  1. I appreciate giving your knowledge but every time I try follow your tutorials I can't make the thing work with p5 which I have never used before. It's too complicated.

  2. What about making an infinite grid that you can pan around and zoom in and out with the game of life rules ?

  3. My solution was similar to yours, but I used vanilla Javascript and HTML canvas… https://github.com/andrewerwinxyz/js-gameoflife

  4. Here is my implementation in Svelte. 

  5. I'd like to see the Game of Life on a hex grid. There are only six neighbors so you would have to adjust the math.

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