Croc: Legend of the Gobbos walkthrough. PlayStation version. All Gobbos. No damage. All levels. 98+ lives.

0:00:00 Intro
===Grass/Lava island===
0:02:41 (1-1) And so the adventure begins
0:06:42 (1-2) Underground overground
0:10:18 (1-3) Shoutin lava lava lava
0:15:35 (1-B1) Lair of the Feeble
0:18:10 (1-S1) The curvy caverns
0:24:38 (1-4) The tumbling Dantini
0:28:02 (1-5) Cave fear
0:32:03 (1-6) Darkness descends
0:35:53 (1-B2) Fight night with Flibby
0:39:58 (1-S2) The twisty tunnels
===Arctic island===
0:42:53 (2-1) The ice of life
0:47:12 (2-2) Be wheely careful
0:54:02 (2-3) Riot brrrrr
0:58:44 (2-B1) Chumly’s snow den
1:01:14 (2-S1) Clouds of ice
1:03:39 (2-4) I snow him so well
1:09:08 (2-5) Say no snow
1:14:04 (2-6) License to chill
1:21:43 (2-B2) Demon Itsy’s ice palace
1:24:50 (2-S2) Ice bridge to eternity
===Desert island===
1:28:18 (3-1) Lights camel action
1:34:00 (3-2) Mud pit mania
1:41:20 (3-3) Goin underground
1:47:35 (3-B1) The deadly tank of Neptuna
1:50:21 (3-S1) Arabian heights
1:53:20 (3-4) Sand and freedom
2:00:32 (3-5) Leap of faith
2:07:30 (3-6) Life’s a beach
2:13:55 (3-B2) Cactus Jack’s ranch
2:16:20 (3-S2) Defeato Burrito
===Castle island===
2:19:25 (4-1) The tower of power
2:25:20 (4-2) Hassle in the castle
2:30:00 (4-3) Dungeon of defright
2:35:31 (4-B1) Fosley’s freaky donut
2:38:06 (4-S1) Smash and see
2:41:22 (4-4) Ballistic Meg’s fairway
2:47:13 (4-5) Swipe Swiftly’s wicked ride
2:55:32 (4-6) Panic at Platform Pete’s lair
3:00:24 (4-B2) Baron Dante’s funky inferno
3:03:25 Ending & Credits
3:07:10 (4-S2) Jailhouse Croc
===Crystal island===
3:08:59 Intro
3:09:55 (5-1) And so the adventure returns
3:13:20 (5-2) Diet brrrrr
3:16:28 (5-3) Trial on the Nile
3:20:10 (5-4) Crox interactive
3:23:08 (5-B) Secret sentinel
3:23:53 Secret ending & Credits

Captured at 1920x1440p x32CSAA, 30fps.

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36 thoughts on “Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Walkthrough

  1. I've missed this game. It's part of my childhood and the most valued game that made me fall in love with video games. I wish I could play this game on PS4…… #nostalgia #childhoodmemories

  2. This game was awesome. One of the first games i ever played as soon as i could hold a controller and start up a console by myself as a little kid.

  3. My auntie had this in her ps1. My brother and I played all the time we were at her house. Then, we got ourselves with a ps1 and Croc. Sadly, i don't think we ever passed through the third island. My ps1 stopped working a lot time a go but I still have my Croc copy

  4. That’s it I’m downloading this and take the ps3 round to my Mums, she’s gunna freak she loved this game 😂

  5. I remember glitching the hearts as a kid. When you went over 99 the ps1 would go weird and start replacing numbers with letters or random symbols.

  6. Here's a photo of the Croc team back in 1995, I'm the one in front kneeling down, was the lead artist (had long hair then). We used to pull that inflatable Croc off the ceiling and wrestle with it when frustrated lol.


  7. 15:36 Caddicarus: As we completed each stage of the first section of the map, we came across our first boss in the next cut scene of the game. 15:40 (2 seconds of Silence) Caddicarus: (Flustered rage) REALLY?!-So yeah, we're fighting…..(High Pitched Sad Trombone Noise) This Thing.

  8. Animation Software: Darwyn Peachey, Arun Rao, James W. Williams, Dirk Van Gelder, Kitt Hirasaki
    Renderman Software: Larry Gritz, Tien Trurong, Mark Vande Wettering
    Computer Systems for Final Rendering: Softimage 3D
    3D Workstations: Silicon Graphics
    3D Modeling Software: Alias Research

  9. You make it look easy, but I remember this game being hard as fuck.
    As a kid I remember feeling bad about leaving the little furry things behind, therefore it took me a lot of time to go forward. :')

  10. So nostalgic, I remember playing this as a 4 year old and having nightmares about the duck from level 3 😂

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