In todays Impact Show we talk to Stan Utley world renowned short game coach to tour players as well as amateur golfers. We discuss the differences between amateurs and professionals in their short game and some of the common misconceptions as well as discussing what Stan feels is the most consistent way to chip. We hope you enjoy.


Orange Whip:

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  1. so far a very best out of meandmygolf, every time I watch this video I instantly learn abit more about the release!

  2. The fly fishing analogy instantly improved my pitching… it's all about stopping that front hand at the bottom of the swing and allowing the club to accelerate into the ball, creating a crisp blow while pivoting on the follow through. Easy and Awesome. Why did someone not tell me this 40 years ago. Thanks Stan Utley. Your the bomb!

  3. This guy thought Tiger Woods was sitting at his house watching YouTube videos when he explained this stuff. This was not aimed to amateur golfers at all

  4. I just watched another YouTube video with the main idea being to keep the club handle moving through the shot. This one tells me to keep the handle quiet and focus on the club head. Both very respected teachers. Conclusion: There's no one correct way to do anything, it's what you've mastered.

  5. "I'm swinging at THE TURF,… MORE than I'm swinging at the ball" 9:04 That's why Stan Utley is a world class short game teacher! Great stuff.

  6. I think people forget that at the end of the day you’re trying to get a little ball in a hole not have the perfect swing.

    Yes i agree if you’re thinning chips or chunking them you need a lesson, but if you’re hitting them ok with a bit of check then just stick with it and practice with that

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