Hooked, Inc.

Do you have what it takes to become the best fisherman? In this addictive clicker game you will travel the seas on an adventure to catch fish and grow your crew while earning cash to upgrade your boat and gear!

– Upgrade your boat and build your Fishing Empire.
– Recruit and upgrade your own Crew.
– Search the seas for Rare and Epic Fishes
– Brawl for Stars to increase your Value
– Equip Legendary items and unlock new features!
– Join Multiplayer fishing tournaments
– Try your Fishing Luck on the Wheel

Now go and explore the ocean and all it’s hidden treasures! You’ll get hooked before you know it!

…the creators of What if, This or That, Riddle Me, Simple Truths and Brofist: Beat the Bullies

Now go click n’ fish with ya!

Nguồn: https://rantbit.com

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43 thoughts on “Hooked, Inc. – 1 – "Fish is Big Business"

  1. this was a waste of time your so slow you need 10 seconds to realise you have a shipment box to claim money… sorry but this is the truth

  2. The more stars you collect, the book with stars on them in the top right of the screen and fishing experience to get bosses easier

    Edit: i got 52 stars and a few million fishing exp

  3. I already played the game and came to look for a tutorial as the makers somehow dont have anything now in game, and there seems to be no help….. But maaan I love your voice over and true words !! 😀 😀 I can watch this over and over !

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