In this video, RadRadon will show you how to boost steam hours 2019 using idle master extended v1.3. Idle master extended is a steam hour booster that idles steam games on your profile without having the game open. This allows you to hour boost without wear and tear on your equipment and boosts your pc performance as you don’t need a game running in the background. This also is a way how to get steam trading cards fast and easy– a nice addition to idle master extended’s steam hour booster. Thanks for watching RadRadon’s video on how to boost steam playtime 2019 and how to boost steam hours 2019. If you enjoyed it, make sure to leave a like and subscribe. Cya!

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Click Start
Click My Computer (This PC on Win 8)
Double Click the C: Drive
In the Search bar search for steam-idle.exe
Let it complete the search
Look for steam-idle.exe (It will have the Steam Piston logo)
Right Click it (if more than one use the first listing)
Select Open File Location
Right Click the address bar (directory listing) and select Copy Address As Text

Now Click Start again
In the search bar type CMD
Click the CMD.EXE file in the search results to open a command prompt
Type CD and hit the space bar
Right-click in the black window
Select Paste
Press Enter

Type steam-idle.exe #####
Replace ###### with the games appid

To get the games app id go to the games store page and it will be listed in the URL

Thanks for watching RadRadon’s video on how to boost steam hours 2019 and how to boost steam playtime 2019!

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22 thoughts on “How to Boost Playtime/Hours on Steam in 2019 Using Idle Master Extended

  1. it do not work for me. steam is launched and idle is connected to my steam account but it dont work after, i dont detect any game. it work on my main acount but not on my smurf wtf

  2. Idlemaster keeps logging into the wrong steam account. Is there any way to disable the username password skip?

  3. for you wondering how to make the batch file you have to make a notepad file copy and paste this in (start "" "steam-idle.exe" APPID) [btw ignore the brackets ;)] once created save as and press all files then call your notepad file yourname.bat and place that in the steam idle folder on your desktop 😉

  4. I would recommended making bat scripts to just beable to start the afking proccess without writing in commands to cmd since its quicker

  5. quick question, when I done it, steam sees it as a active game.
    Is there a delay for updating the play time?
    And I ran it for multiple hours only clocking up 1 extra hour according to steam with multiple instances of this running

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