This is just a quick video showing you how I have packed a few Xbox consoles for a amazon FBA shipment. The same process can be applied to almost any console.
I dont claim this is the right way, its just how I do it and I figured I would share it.

Thanks for watching everyone.

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15 thoughts on “How to Pack Video Game Consoles for Amazon FBA and eBay

  1. Is the picture required? Or is it possible to just write "do not separate" and have the ASIN label on it?

  2. Great video thanks! If you have a console that has the original box, do you still put it into a plain outer box to ensure no one opens the console box?

  3. You claimed how to pack an Xbox original, however you failed to even talk about shipping prices. Most people know how to pack an Xbox, however you never noted you're average shipping prices. Although shipping can vary greatly especially when you're shipping Parcel or Regional, you should have said how much you averagely pay.

  4. Great vid man, off topic have u dealt with Amazon category approvals before im working on board games and certain boards have restrictions like lego or scrabble, and they allow approval upon paying 1000 fee with documents authorization from the brand wanted to ask if u came across this and how u handle it i just feel im leaving profits on the table u know

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