How to Play TRISTANA ADC for Beginners | TRISTANA Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing Tristana and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Tristana and why she is a great adc laner to play, if you are into the adc role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!

Runes: 0:17
Item build:
⚔️ Stormrazor
⚔️ Berserker’s Greaves
⚔️ Infinity Edge
⚔️ Statikk Shiv
⚔️ Rapid Firecanon
⚔️ Guardian Angel
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37 thoughts on “How to Play TRISTANA ADC for Beginners | TRISTANA Guide Season 10 | League of Legends

  1. Super new to LoL and she's so cute and easy to play! Thank you for the guide 🥺💕 (hopefully I stop dying a ton soon 😔✌️)

  2. I love your guides, they are so easy to follow and super helpful. I just got Trist yesterday, can't wait to try her out now! I would love a Diana mid lane guide 🙂

  3. Been working a lot on Tristana since I started playing league (two months ago) This was really helpful to show me just how powerful she can get, thank you!

  4. I like to play tristana jungle, but I didn't know how to use that rocket jump properly. Thank you!

  5. thx for the guide! I'm wonderful if its true that you can follow an auto after using R. If thats the case, would W(land on the target),E,Q,AA,R,AA,W AA… a good combo?

  6. This was really helpful! Easy to understand and hopefully I can apply this to my games. I want to master Tristana better. Thank you! ☺️

  7. Nice video, very informative. I started playing Tristana after I supported for my friend as Lux. The way he carried the game with this champ made me instantly buy her. Even though my first 2 games didn't go awesome i enjoyed it. Anyway, thanks for vid.

  8. I just started playing LoL, and I'm only here because Tristana kicked most of my team's ass in my first pvp match. She literally killed me and my friend (who is also new to LoL) so easily (in 2 shots). We still got the win tho.

  9. I hate trist, but after I realized she's basically the perfect solo-q adc, I decided to pick her up. Lots of damage, scales, point and click, free escape/engage with a reset.

  10. Love the guide! Super informative! Thanks to you im getting A-S rank nearly every game with my little demon Trist! Keep up the good work!

  11. Please in future videos reduce the game's sound so that we can hear you better, thanks for the video!

  12. Trying to teach my friend League of legends and she wants to play more Trist so this video was a huge help thanks a ton!

  13. im new in league but i know that Tristana can engage in level 2 with either q and e or w and e.
    She just kinda fall apart in late game where you cant jump to the enemy anymore cuz of teamfight.

  14. Good stuff! My only pet peeve is that the volume of the game is much louder than your voice. It was really difficult to hear you on my phone at least.

  15. i playd her today 1st time, than i checked this video, great explaining good job , now i understand her 😉

  16. Super helpful! Thank you! Also new to lol and found Tristana to be most comfortable atm so this was a great watch! If anyone wants to play with me and teach me the ropes would be amazing as well!

  17. I watched the video then i bought tristana. I win around 10 games in a row. This helped me so much to get out from bronze elo thx. I really love how you describe all important points about the champions 💪💪💪

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