In this video I show from start to finish how I clean, prep, and pack video game consoles like Wii’s, Gamecubes, Xbox’s, and Playstations to ship to Amazon FBA. I go over the products I use in my prep, as well as the best practices I have learned over the past year or so of sending consoles in.

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12 thoughts on “How to Prep Video Game Consoles for Amazon FBA

  1. I saw chase recommending your channel and glad I did! I do have some questions though: do you put the Amazon barcode sticker on the cardboard box close to the orange sticker you put? And do put all of those packaged consoles in one large box when you ship it to Amazon?

  2. Thanks for your useful tips! I saw a brilliant article on fbamonthly.com regarding product preparation – sometimes it's tricky

  3. I’m curious, do you ever sell the system by itself – mostly just cables no controllers or games? For example I have a PS2 that I’m currently cleaning and looking to sell but I’ll only have enough to pick up cables, no games to test really or controllers to use, would it be easier to just sell it as is and future items try to inventory with controllers/cords?

  4. Just discovered your channel and subscribed. I saw your channel in Part Time Pickers video.

  5. enjoyed this even though i've never bought, sold, or even played video games. well, tony hawkes in the 90s, but it freaked me out and i sucked at it.

  6. Hey I just started YouTube ebay also. Would be great if you support my channel also! Just sub to you also

  7. How were you able to get ungated to sell some of the items and or categories you sell in on Amazon?

  8. For scratches on the consoles Ive used a mr clean magic eraser. Works great if there are marks on them like the white ones on that black xbox 360.

  9. Great video. I was just thinking about sending my systems to Amazon instead of selling on ebay. I was worried about packaging them. I will give it a try.

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