Hey theorists! I quickly put together a compilation off how to solve the gates. Due to time constraints, I am putting them 2 gates per video to not make each video go longer then 20 minutes (even though i am sure the last one will).

as of now there is no commentary in this video and while it may clear up some obscurities in the video, I believe that you should be watching this video as a supplement to your current knowledge on how ever clue was obtained and put to use. and not to be used as a guide to every answer. With that being said, I do not believe commentary is necessary unless the person watching does not know anything about the ARG, but this should not be anyone’s first step before even trying keys until they are stuck themselves in the ARG.


Executive Producers:

Awesome Jess


Bright Skies

Youtube Audio Library

Music provided by Luis Quintero
Song: The Legend of Zelda Remix

Bitonal Landscape, Luis Quintero – The Legend Of Zelda (Main Theme and Link’s Awakening Theme Remix)

Websites/ programs used:
– audacity audio editor
– free image editor shown to us by Creator Ink
– the theorist toolbox
– offical ARG Master Tracker – essentially the guide book

​Ñ ê ¥ ê ® 9 @ ñ # å 9 ! ¥ £ Ý Ö û Ü ¶

#GTArg #GT #GameTheory Livestreamed

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21 thoughts on “How to solve Gates 1 & 2 | Game Theory ARG

  1. Amazing channel!! Keep on uploading! I think you should search for smzeus!!! It’s a great tool to have when your trying to grow your social media or promote your videos!!

  2. I dont think I would have gotten through the first gate because my computer is so bad I cant run audacity

  3. Just an idea: Soon before Gate 7 opens (probably the day before), you should stream you solving the Beta Gates (all three) just as a refresher on how to think for the nightmare Gate 7 will be.

  4. I cannot tell you how much trouble Gate 1, Key 3B gave me. I gave up and consulted the Master Tracker, which just explained what I'd been doing. I don't understand why the clue says "Quadruple is the speed," because that means a 300% increase in speed, which gets you nowhere. Can somebody please explain why you need to slow it down instead?

  5. Wow I got the chills! Great anticipation for the next gate combined with the creepy solve and the music is spot one! Very helpful to show how to solve the great ARG. Hmmm wonder what the quiz at the end was 😉

  6. Well I be damned! This is some amazing editing ! My dude you work too hard but it has paid off to an epic video

  7. awww hell yeah 😀 although I know this was the entire point of this video but I like the live streams better 🙂

  8. Yay. I couldn't wait for another minute!!!!

    It's A Kynky Upload

  9. i was putting this together so quick I didn't realize how abrupt a cut was in this until the rewatch, sorry abotu that guys. put this video together in like 2 days

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