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*NEW* Zombie’s Retreat Game – I Play It For The Plot, Counselor Waifu Edition

Part 2 – #zombiesretreat #survivalgame #animegames


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Zombie’s Retreat
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Zombie’s Retreat is a zombie survival RPG involving a young man and his camping retreat. What’s intended to be a bonding experience turns horribly wrong when a sudden zombie apocalypse spreads across the camp. With very ‘strange’ circumstances surrounding this new found threat, it is up to the player to save any and all survivors while attempting to escape in one piece!

Nguồn: https://rantbit.com

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37 thoughts on “I Play It For The Plot, Counselor Waifu Edition – ZOMBIE'S RETREAT

  1. If any of ya all want to play it for the "plot"
    The game got an actual ending now even if some character still dont have a full personal romance plotline like some of the others.

  2. We all know how counselor can heal us right? If bonfires can heal us then with counsellor it's heat following you WE NEED THE HEAT, THE MEAT NEEDS HEAT

  3. Pretty sure the "Maid" was supposed to be "Mom", the "Tutor" was supposed to be "Sister" and the "Counselor" was supposed to be "Aunt" but you know.. that would upset some people I guess. Can't believe people would get upset over Virtual Incest with Virtual Imaginary Characters.

  4. I'm not gonna lie, I'm very confused with their relationships. Are they related to the guy or just have a 'very' close friendship? None the less, this is very 'interesting' huhuhuhue.

  5. This game is just crazy, I mean I like the boobs, but at least they're mostly covered, but the nude photos made me slightly unnerved (if not slightly aroused)

  6. Why do the elevator and desktop computers work when the power's out? If there's power in just the power center, then why aren't the lights are on?

    I guess the computers could have a battery, but the elevator???

    What the heck?

  7. Hey falcon let me give you some tips. Bring your tutor aka your lockpicker to open the boys bathroom in the Recreation center, and make sure you go in there twice with your tutor. When I say twice I mean two game days. One for each day. Do you remember the scavenging point that if you use a metal saw you get 5 scrap metal. Well if you scavenge without the saw you may get your electrical fuse. The lady you gave the vegetables to. You don't keep giving her vegetables. She asked for other stuff. One time you go outside with your medic lose one block of your health and return home. Than talk to her after the "conversation". Then lose two blocks of you health. ( If you already done so) Then talk to her. That's all I can give you for now. So sorry for this paragraph. I hope you get this. BIG FAN!

  8. … did some minor research on the game…

    The male character is not related to ANY of the females, atleast not by blood.

    this is as far as my research has gone, mostly because i found screen shots and became distracted… by the artistic style 🙂

  9. @Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon

    1. Get a nightmare and wake up!

    2. Search this game on google and click on Patreon website that contains this game. This game is a P o Rn game containing sex scenes, sexual explicit and etc. My warning to you is to quit the game because P o Rn material is not welcomed on YT. There for YT algorithms will ban your channel, so if you don't want to risk your channel quit the game.
    All of that considering that YT has *RULES*!

    (I will not do anything about you or about this game i only warn you before something serious happens. Hope that you going to use common sense!)

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