Hey Gamers! Check out some awesome Multiplayer action from the new eShop title – Ice Station Z. It’s very rare you’ll see a game take advantage of 3DS mic and use it for somthing good 🙂 Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button and if you’re new, hit that big fat red subscribe button. Thanks for watching. And as always, STAAAAY FRESH! #WiiU #Nintendo #NintendoImpactGaming #WiiU #amiibo #Podcast #GamingPodcast #NintendoPodcast #WobblyTooth #IceStationZ #IceStationZ3DS #IceStationZGameplay #IceStationZ3DS Gameplay #HandsOn #Gameplay ##Nindies #Nindie #Indies #Indie

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36 thoughts on “Ice Station Z – Multiplayer Gameplay

  1. do u think they gona do an update ? i mean like maybe nicer skins of the trees… or maybe some village (so more chance to hide,more houses etc?) i like it and i clearly can see a big potential after a few updates….what do u think?

  2. Nice capture, I bought this a while back and thought it was well worth the money, cool to see some folks still playing it every now and then.

  3. 3.99 right now, and I have a 4.02 balance, maybe…https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ice-station-z-3ds

  4. Hey I would be careful when playing Ice Station Z for this Nintendo 3DS because there's a very dangerous 40 year old man named tuiridh who is a veltro leader, who loves to record over little kids and adults voices and special bad false edit the videos to make them look bad and also creates fake YouTube accounts of their names on Ice Station Z if you see him or any other veltro member block them they will harass you and record over you, please take this as a high caution!

  5. is it just me, or does this seem exactly like Apocalypse rising from Roblox. like, literally the exact same thing.

  6. does anyone els hate using the circle pad ? Idk why .. it feels awkward .epically when you gotta walk a far in one direction . my circle pad be fighting me lol . the whole time I'm thinking . please don't break circle pad . cause aprentlly they break easy .-.

  7. hopefully the dev's from this game can make a decent AAA survival game for the Switch. there our only hope for a good switch game .

  8. This is a great game and with online voice chat!
    Yeah the graphics could do with improvement and so on.
    I am sure in the future with updates this game could become huge.
    3ds own version of dayz! loving it.
    Great review mate 🙂

  9. This game is great but online sucks mainly because everyone's running around invincible defeating the purpose of the survival and PvP aspect.

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