Hey Gamers! Check out some awesome Single Player 3DS gameplay of the new eShop title – Ice Station Z. Coming soon, I will have some Online Multiplayer action to show you too. Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button and if you’re new, hit that big fat red subscribe button. Thanks for watching. And as always, STAAAAY FRESH! #WiiU #Nintendo #NintendoImpactGaming #WiiU #amiibo #Podcast #GamingPodcast #NintendoPodcast #WobblyTooth #IceStationZ #IceStationZ3DS #IceStationZGameplay #IceStationZ3DS Gameplay #HandsOn #Gameplay ##Nindies #Nindie #Indies #Indie

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18 thoughts on “Ice Station Z – Single Player Gameplay

  1. Since zombies are unlimited, would have been nice to have a points system, like in pinball. Without a story ending, some incentive to work towards.

  2. Check out my latest Podcast as I dedicate it to Ice Station Z, opinions and comments! 😀

  3. This is actually fun things I learn is that you need resources to use weapon, access food, etc. Plus what I didn't know that in multiplayer it's a pvp environment especially with zombies roaming around. I recommend buying this game, runs smoothly and very enjoyable.

  4. i'm definitely looking forward to online multiplayer footage from this game. i only just heard of this game earlier today.

    i do wonder if it's randomly generated or not.

  5. sucks they made it a budget title. I would have paid 15€ for it if it had some more to it…
    I don't know if it's worth buying like this because it doesn't seem like I'd be entertained for more than half an hour…

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