Full game upload of LaMelo Ball’s 30 points triple double at The Skilly Factory Holiday Invitational this past weekend.
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27 thoughts on “LaMelo Ball 30 POINT Triple Double FULL GAME UPLOAD! Melo Takes Over Atlanta

  1. When u thought this is gonna be a chill bball game to watch cuz theres no overrated chants and no quarrel stuff but u got this annoying announcer

  2. Melo runs and moves swings his arms like a little pixy dust fairy.. hey bub. You'd get bodied by me, couldn't get to the basket I'd lock his ass up. No physicality what so ever!!

  3. People hate on lavar but like he played professionally at a sport atleast and is a good business man. He wants nothing but the best for his boys cause he knows their potential. I rather have lavar as a father then julian newmans bad genes, bad attitude, clout hungry uglyass

  4. The female casters are the worse ones bruh. Annoying asf “fRoM dOwnToWn aTlAntA” “lOoK oUt fOr tHe cOoKoUt” 💀 cornball

  5. Commentator needs to just stick to announcing names not throwing out every dumbass phrase anytime someone shoots

  6. Last guy that windmill dunked it was getting beat up mayne straight up, that shit made me laugh so hard

  7. Heres a tip for y'all… every team has a #24… if your opponent brings out its 24.. just call it a game

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