Wrestling With Wregret & Going In Raw LIVE IN LA 9/24!

ARRIBA! If you’re in the market for a wrestling-themed game experience that doesn’t require a video game console and that anyone can play, try out the Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice Game! Check out Brian’s review!

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38 thoughts on “Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice Game Review | Wrestling With Wregret

  1. Escaping a PIN playing Luchador. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftEDkHes1lw PS Turn the ring upside down for cage matches

  2. Brian, if you're looking for more wrestling-themed games, the crew at Filsinger Games have something similar, but using actual wrestlers. They have licensed ROH sets, Chikara sets, and more, so your die rolls actually apply to signature moves for real wrestlers.

    I'm a huge fan of the game, and if you enjoyed this, it might be right up your alley.

  3. I am glad this game is getting more attention. I saw that Lucha Underground is starting to sell it in their store. I wish there were more good wrestling games, but between this and WWE' Superstar Showdown (its actually a really good game), I should have enough to hold me over for now

  4. I don't mind if this was sponsored or anything, it just seems to… obviously positive. Like it felt like most of the video was just Brian explaining the game, without any of his usual wackiness or irreverence. Just didn't feel as lighhearted as usual idk.

  5. I'd like to think that your message was that a board game can be more entertaining than this year triplemania

  6. This game is fantastic. I really like it. Unique dice-rolling rules. You definitely should build the ring, since it plays into the rules.

  7. I saw this at PAX but didn't end up getting it because I wasn't sure. Looks like I've got one for the wishlist!

  8. The problem with lucha libre is they always jump around and not having enough power or ground tactic ability.

  9. I am not the ONLY ONE. Who felt a good teaser Trailer you got my interest then wow i can wanna see more BUT we all would like maybe a couple rounds of play with commets flying this would make good after work/school day watch you after or before actual watch stream. Or use it to predict out comes of said matches …like create a wrestler then have match favor may. Sway the outcome just fun …. Im getting one

  10. Not gonna lie, this actually looks pretty fun. Thanks for bringing this up Brian, I'll give this one a chance!

  11. It may be a good game but is it a…Deadly Game…Deadly Game! If so, do I get the World Wrestling Federation Title?

  12. Thanks so much for this review! We are so pleased that you enjoyed Luchador. We are working on some extra "enhancements" 🙂

  13. I the only one who thinks a promotion that had the dice thing for a pin would be awesome? 99% of the wrestlers could be nerdy stereotypes and then 2 or 3 more wrestlery types being bullies

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