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Disabled comments because I was tired of getting notifications from people commenting “Thomas Kart Wii!” three times a day.
Thomas The Tank Engine on Maple Treeway, sporting his LBSC livery.

Updates for V0.3:
-Thomas’ LBSC livery has been created as an alternate texture. For now, green LBSC 70 Thomas replaces only the Jetsetter.
-Thomas now replaces Waluigi instead of King Boo, due to Waluigi having a better construction of voice clips than King Boo.
-Voice clips for US Thomas (Joseph May) and other sounds have completely replaced Waluigi’s Menu and Cannon voice clips. The post-race and off-track sections are in progress. Actual-race voice clips aren’t modified yet.
-Waluigi’s icons have been replaced by Thomas’, and Thomas’ mini-map icon has been updated.

Thanks to TomixNScale89 for the original Thomas model from the 3DS game Thomas & Friends: Steaming Around Sodor.
Played on Nintendo Wii.

The full collection of Thomas’ voice clips will be compiled and uploaded as a video once completed.

Thomas’ voice clips in this video:
0:06 Menu clips for Thomas (Various)
0:55 Cannon – Thomas’ whistle (CD ROM – TOTT)
1:36 Off Track – Thomas falling (SLOTLT – fading)
2:08 Cannon – Through magic buffers (TATMR)
3:06 Cannon – Thomas falling (SLOTLT)
3:59 Results – Thomas laugh after bridge jump (TGR)

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