Poor naked stripper man never saw it coming.
Animated by Mama’s Boy:
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From Hungry Games live stream:

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Outro Song:
TryHardNinja – Take Back The Night (Jordan Maron Remix)
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32 thoughts on “NAKED HUNGER GAMES (Minecraft Animation)

  1. Guys please help me! What should I do when I downloaded parkour map? I saw a sign say click the button to start but when I clicked the button. The map didn't start. The whole thing is same. I tried other map is still the same. The command block is offed. How should I turn it on. Pls reply pls, IM URGENT PLS

  2. Whats great is with the newer skin system one could actually do this. Put yourself in underwear on the default layer, then clothing on the "armor" layer. SURPRISE VALUE!

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