Before you start My Career, earn some extra VC to buy the suit you will get drafted in! You can earn Virtual Currency by playing any game mode or you can buy it from 2K for money lol.

If you complete the Training Camp drills you’ll get some extra VC. I can’t remember how much you get, but I believe its more than what you get for playing a game.

I also discuss Ronnie’s 78 overall at his draft. Did Ronnie hack his my player or is there a secret way to upgrade your attributes before the rookie showcase?

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47 thoughts on “NBA 2K13 My Career – Going for the #1 Draft Spot & Virtual Currency

  1. To go 1st you need 25ppg 8rpg and 10apg i also had 4spg and 0 turn overs. You need 5 stars in almost all thingz to go first.

  2. I'm on 2k13 and 2k16 and 2k13 is better cris smooth because on my carrer on 2k16 I can't dunk on people and on 2k13 you can

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