A playthrough of Sunsoft’s 1988 NES game, Platoon.

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While this game does prominently carry the Sunsoft logo, don’t let that fool you. It’s an Ocean game, through and through, and you’ll probably notice the difference pretty quickly. This was one of those games that Sunsoft published shortly before focusing on their own in-house developed games.

Platoon is based on the 1987 computer game (C64, Amiga), that was in turn, obviously based on the massive 1986 Hollywood Vietnam War movie with Willem Defoe and Tom Berrenger. It’s a good port of an okay game, but at least it’s so schizophrenic in it’s gameplay style that you’ll hardly have time to get bored before it’s over.

It starts off in Level 1 with finding explosives to take out a bridge in a jungle maze, platform style. Level 2 switches to the tunnels dug underground, where (playing surprisingly smoothly from a first-person perspective) you have to find supplies before finding the exit. Leaving the tunnels, Level 3 puts you in a bunker, launching flares and taking out enemy soldiers in the middle of the night before moving onto search & destroy mission for the final level, looking rather like the 3D stages from Contra.

There’s nothing particularly good or bad to say about the gameplay. It works. The graphics are surprisingly good, though the game that its based on probably is to thank – even in most of Ocean’s games played like utter rubbish, they usually looked and sounded great. The perfect for instance here is the ending – that string of cinematics is pretty impressive, resembling Freedom Force’s intro in a number of ways.

The game is also extremely easy. I remember as a kid being forever stuck in the first stage, but after a while, a few friends and I decided to make maps to get through it so we could stop blindly stumbling through hoping to get lucky. It worked very well, and afterward I played it so much that even today, I still have the layout burned into my memory.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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26 thoughts on “Platoon (NES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. that game is like vietnam simulation. when i played it, navigating through that jungle, it was a never going to win scenario. dont be deceived by its actual short length. this game can feel like hours and even days.
    But i really do wish they added some more creativity and different levels. like helicopter shooting, and spraying agent orange on civilians. Best would have been a PunchOut style end boss Nixon. You finally get home and punch his M&*@$# F@^&% face!!!

  2. Maybe the weirdest movie adaptation in the history of video games. It's such a dark and disturbing movie that I have no idea how anyone would think to make it into a video game.

  3. The soundtrack was so eery to me when I was a child. It still is now, but it’s also so nostalgic.

  4. I had this as a kid, I think something was wrong with my copy. I could never get past level 1, and there were no enemies either. I think it was an early glitched copy of the game, I literally tried everything possible to get past that level for several years that I owned it.

  5. Don't judge the movie by the game. The movie was cinematic gold. The game was an absolute dumpster fire

  6. I always found this games music very haunting. Brings a strange but cool atmosphere to its levels. Really great soundtrack

  7. I couldn't ever figure out the navigation to this. I gave the copy I bought to a friend and he hated it and smashed the cart. I didn't care because the design of this game is trash..my opinion of course.

  8. Game này phản ánh đúng, đúng là bộ đội việt nam chết rất nhiều. Còn lại thì như cứt

  9. Imagine you're a kid playing this game, then you see the movie for the first time and you realize the tone is not at all like the game.

    Why make Platoon an NES game? I understand other R rated games got the NES treatment like Die Hard, Robocop, Total Recall and Dirty Harry. But there are crazy action packed segments in those movies that would make sense as to how it translates into NES games. Shitty NES games, yes. Platoon on the other hand…is a straight up drama loosely based on Oliver Stone's past experiences as a Vietnam vet. Yes there's action in the movie which you can tell here that's what they're basing it off of with this game, but the action wasn't filmed as crazy over the top fun with one liners like the movies I mentioned. It was more along the lines of powerful, dramatic and contains moments of betrayal. Not the type of action that makes you think "Ok let's make this an NES game!"

    Though I guess the most interesting thing to point out is that Platoon is the only Best Picture winner to be made as an NES game. Not that it matters I suppose, I mean does anyone want to see Annie Hall or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest get that treatment? Have fun, kids!

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