Dragon Mounts?! Here is the footage from Todd Howard’s Keynote address at DICE 2012. This was from the Bethesda Game Jam after the game shipped in 2011.

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33 thoughts on “Possible Skyrim DLC or Mods from DICE 2012 Keynote

  1. bethesda is just fucking LAZY horse-shit to add all those thing even the
    fucking SPEARS that fanbase been asking for a very long time. I
    don't know why but thinking how horse-shit bethesda was with balancing
    and tweaking the game, instead they choose the option to remove a lot of features that make
    Elder Scrolls an Elder Scrolls game. Spellcrafting for example is proven
    to be exploitable yes of course, but that was in previous game so why remove it instead
    balancing and tweaking it? if modding community can make a simple balance/tweaks mod
    to avoid that exploits why can't bethesda?!! same for spears why is
    that a thing for them to remove? all decade I'm still can't comprehend what Bethesda actually doing with their bankruptcy creativity… if Bethesda only relying on modding
    community to fix bugs glitch exploit to add to the game then what's the
    point of making video games??

  2. Assasin's vision already existed in the series as "Detect life", I think it would have been dumb for it to be a constant effect. That would be simplifying the spell system even more than they already did.

  3. I hate how they never did seasonal foliage, I know how I can replicate the tree's and plants changing according to the seasons, that's easy (just time consuming as hell) but how to add and remove the snow/leaves on the ground and objects? how the heck did they even pull that off?! At least not with something I can replicate via the creation kit.

  4. 2020: still waiting for f*cking seasons in some modern open world games like TES, fallout or gta…. the only one who made it vanilla is forza horizon 4

  5. Who would of thought we ended up getting majority of this stuff! Skyrim was legend and will always be the greatest game of its time.

  6. "It was one of the most productive, creative qeeks we've had. What if we worked like that more often? What could we do?"

    Like that's ever gonna happen!

  7. “See? Check out all these awesome stuff we can create! Buuuuuut naaaaaaaah, we’d rather have the community make it. It’s not like we’re denying them the source code or anything.”

  8. somethings made it into the game from the dlcs
    some others made it into the game from various mods i know
    actually i bet every single one of these who didnt make it through the dlcs made it through mods somewhere

    I never understood I not include spears, spears are the most used weapon in old history.

  10. they should had put those spears,guards relighting areas,paralysis runes etc. in Special Edition but the only thing the add is flow based water shader such a shame…. i love skyrim but wtf it would be called special if they some of those… fuck

  11. I feel as though we may see some of these features that never made it now that the creation club is a thing so I'm pumped. I would totally buy the seasonal foliage and Dragon mount

  12. I was kinda hoping all of this would make it to the SE, shame only the water flow was added (Aside from everything that was added before the SE via DLC's and updates of course.)
    I was really hoping for that seasonal foliage.

  13. I just heard this song like a few days ago and the amount of nostalgic dopamine that came with the memory of this trailer was amazing

  14. that weapon at 2:49 can anybody comment the name of the weapon or maybe a link to a mod that has a weapon chain

  15. Why wasn't any of this in the damn game? Why did we get here bones bullshit? They literally already created it. Even their damn dlc was phoned in crap.

  16. Honestly, the seasonal foliage, flow based water, and verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects is all i fucking want, just please.

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