Power Shovel this one right into your eyeballs. Paul, Nick and Josh join their new friend Matt to start a construction company. They have only one rule: Don’t Spill. Follow Matt Scottoline on Twitter @HurryBand

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Every week on Continue?, we sit down to play a random old school game for 30 minutes. There is one question we are trying to answer – do we want to stop playing or continue?

Starring: Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, Josh Henderson, & Matt Scottoline
Shot by: Paul Ritchey
Edited by: Paul Ritchey
Assistant Editor: Brian Nappi

Theme song
“Ashtar” by Chromelodeon

Intro created by John Bell & Lazy Brain Games

Game donated by Komatsu Corporation

Check out:

Nguồn: https://rantbit.com

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23 thoughts on “Power Shovel (PS1) – Continue?

  1. When you got your new couch, you should have gotten it big enough to accommodate four people. You guys look a little crammed.

  2. Rough seeing this as an operator, but I totally understand having to deal with the reversed controls. Another enjoyable episode nonetheless 🙂

  3. Thanks guys for keepin it real from the beginning. Some true og's that I can go back though and enjoy during the apocalypse. Also thanks for the vindicated ref 😂

  4. Since they didn't link it: https://youtu.be/wgENKvRPleg
    Hurry (Matt's band) – "Waiting For You" (the song at the end)

  5. I don't like new face. In my home, I have a couch. She sits 3 comfortably. Adding a dude is … well Paul, Nick ( I know you didn't do this), I don't know what he calls himself. The Dirty Souless Ginger. maybe Josh. maybe. See I don't even know all three of you. Put a fourth guy in here. who the fuck is Nick? Paul? This is the Josh and other guy show!

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