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Im excited for you guys to checkout my trip to prison that ‘Prison Fellowship’ put together. I went and spoke to prisoners, told them my life story. I got to see their life behind bars for a day up close and of course hooped with them. Stay tuned for the full video next week!

Special thanks to Prison Fellowship for making this visit to prison possible.

This was directed and co-produced by JayLyons Productions(Info@jaylyonsproductions.com) and executive produced by Topher Hall (@topherhall)

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24 thoughts on “Professor Goes To Prison (Full Version)

  1. Professor goes to prison
    50 million people
    Oh yes!!!!! This is the thing to seeeeeeee

  2. please dont shower in the prison professor. they will give you a slippery soap and when you drop its gonna be a gang bang

  3. When these prisoners get their ankles broken, they think that they just got a signature cast signed by Professor

  4. Quit all the sob story hoopla man you aint got to explain everything and be all theatrical about everything he came to your prison and busted yo ass on the court. Hes one of the best and he did some charity by spending time with you. Thats all.

  5. This is dangerous don't ever do this again 😠 some of this prisoners may. Hurt you 💔😢 ok professor don't do this again hmmmm

  6. I heard one prisoner saying he's eligible for parole 2041 and I was like… And we in 2020? Life's unfair really but am glad am not in America because I could've been in such scenario due to my juvenile years.

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