Can you imagine an indoor toy that combines the gliding action of air hockey, the foot skills of soccer, the thrill of a light show, and the health benefits of physical play? The folks who thought up the UltraGlow Air Power Soccer Disk could—and did.

Their hover soccer ball produces its own air cushion—it even sounds like an air hockey table—so it can glide across smooth surfaces like low-pile carpet or wood floors. All it takes is a single kick—preferably with the side of the foot to keep the disk close to the floor—to send it zooming.

It’s padded with durable foam to protect furniture and walls from rebounds. And with built-in multicolored LED lights, night games have never looked quite like this.

Perfect for rainy or snowy days (or any other day), this disc gives kids a hovering, colorful incentive for active indoor play.

Nguồn: https://rantbit.com

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