Spyder gameplay! Spyder is a new mobile game on the Apple Arcade, where we play as a robot spider named Agent 8, that’s also an undercover spy. We have gadgets to help on our missions, and the goal is to save the world!

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Here is a description of Spyder by its developers Sumo Digital Ltd: Save the world with Agent 8 in this Spy-on-The-Wall adventure.

Set in a retro universe, British Spy Agency ‘EP-8’ has created Agent 8, the most sophisticated miniature robot spider on earth! Built using experimental technology, this itsy-bitsy superspy is equipped with all the gadgets and gizmos you’ll need; cut through panels, overload terminals, flip switches, and open valves as you scurry about sabotaging the heinous plans of evil doers.

Your One Tiny Objective? Save the World!
– See the world from a new perspective.
– Use amazing robot gadgets.
– Explore unique and open environments.
– Uncover secret intel.
– Solve larger-than-life puzzles.

As Agent 8, you’ll travel to exotic locations and embark on an adventure of fantastic proportions, in an era where anything is possible.

Spyder download:

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