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So this is “Room 404”, looked promising. Gotta say, feeling very underwhelmed at the moment. I’ll try to get Act 4 & 5 up as soon as I can, but currently dealing with a game-breaking bug. Thanks for watching!

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44 thoughts on “ROOM 404 [Act 1-3] – Tip: Try To Escape

  1. Awww John was so excited unto he found out machine bear made the game. Who else is binge watching John wolfe videos waiting for him to feel better and come back to YouTube. We miss you John!

  2. When I want to see someone be nice about a horrible game so that the devs don't feel bad I go to Markiplier.
    When I want an brutally honest opinion i go to John Wolfe 😂

  3. I wish there is a horror game when the house is really clean no blood everything looks new and the monster is a janitor that will kill you if you dirty the floor. That would be cool
    (I know about White day)

  4. I think the devs were trying to go with a Silent Hill 4 vibe for this game but lack the ressources/motivation to do their idea justice.

  5. 25:37 I watch your uploads because we think a lot alike- and you do most of the stuff I would want you to do in the playthroughs- case in point – the table/lamp you kick around xD

  6. Triple A every single minute. That game was very scary! 20:30, the objective is to take $ from your account & place it in their account. 25:33, funny as shit John, so true. What in the hell is an Elevator Machine?

  7. Love watching you game plays because you just make fun of it! Makes me laugh as well keep up the good work and sorry for being late to the party!

  8. i mean….ok…the narrator was either foregin or had a speech problem I DIDNT – i had no issue with it i could understand him, its the game i couldnt fucking grasp an idea on….like…ok….what? i dont- that was me at minute ten

  9. Every horror game like this just boils down to be an ambiance&slow walking simulator. SOMEONE GOTTA PLAY THEM EH JOHN NOW THAT MARKIPLIER ASCENDED jk jk

  10. forgive the curses…. but I fucking LOVE whatching you rip games apart and ur reactions!!!  Sooooo good

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