Act 1-3 video:
If you’re not into hearing me complain for forty minutes straight, might be best to skip this one. Thanks!


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36 thoughts on “ROOM 404 [Act 4-5] – ENDING – John vs. Game-Breaking Bugs

  1. One of the classics. So bad. I apologize but so entertaining watching you suffer through this dump of a game.

  2. Sometimes I feel you're too nice to this trash, and you're already pretty vicious to it. I'm replaying Bloodborne and frankly Bloodborne is more of a horror game than this "horror" game.

  3. jesus.. its so crazy looking at something so lazily slapped together 0.o

    and like john said, they completely dont understand why something worked in a successful game. they just try to rip it off.. poorly lol

  4. idk if i'm the only one who heard this but at 5:08 when john's talking about the house and the planning and key and all that he says am I wrong and the ghost said yes lol like perfect timing 😛

  5. I made my brother play this and he was screaming at Cody so hard. He lost his voice for like two days haha

  6. I love the fact that when he was given the choice prompt of Cody or Catheryne, he immediately clicked Cody and through the whole dialogue he was shouting "SHUT UP IT WAS AN EASY CHOICE DIE DIE PLEASE DIE IM CLICKING THAT HEY DIE SHUT U P AND D I E P L E A SE". I was laughing so hard ;0;

  7. John deserves a fan game made for him staring him. To me he is the best youtuber. Also he's the most down to earth and honest youtuber. John wolfe, manlybadasshero and, Mr.Kravin should be the top 3 youtubers I this site. They are the pewdipie,markiplier, and jacksepticeye for adults and people who want real content not just complimenting every game and screaming at noon scary horror games.

    Ps I'm not saying i dislike pewdiepie, markiplier, and jacksepticeye. I enjoy their content too. I just feel line john, manly, and Kravin deserve Allot more credit. Especially when yamimash (one of markipliers collab friends) said very cruel and homophobic things about Mr kravin. Mr kravin to me is so brave and i love his carefree attitude. These 3 youtubers deserve way more exposure, they ate the best content creators I've seen on YouTube. Keep up the great work John!!

  8. I was always taught: Stalagmite are from the ground because it stands mighty and stalactite are from the ceiling because they are hanging tight.

  9. This is the type of game that makes me want to personally develop a game. It cant be THAT hard. I just think that like you said, people are inspired by concepts and dont know how they work, and that they rush to put their game out there as a cheap cash grab.

  10. This will forever be known as the game that broke poor John in every sense of the word.

    Also; they kept on changing the spelling of the woman's name
    and finally, Chaterine.

    PICK ONE!!

  11. Sooo why does the guys memories have burning crucifixion, monster girls, and cave systems? What is your memory, dude?


  12. i can't breathe,its supposed to be a horror game but this is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time
    nfndxnxn its 2:30 am and I can't stop cackling because john sounds like a dad wrangling his kid to go home cnxndndndnxn

  13. The scariest thing that happened while watching this was hearing my hamster run on his wheel. There was absolutely nothing great about this game. You, sir, have the patience of a saint. This game was not worth your time. The glitches and bugs would have done it for me.

  14. This was excruciating but I'm really glad you stuck it out so I don't die curious about how it ends. Thankyou for editing it as much as you did so we didn't have to sit through you redoing the same parts over and OVER again

  15. I dunno, towards the end I sensed a bond being formed between you and cody, the way you were calling out his name seemed…

  16. Thank you John for enduring these games. Watching these videos pleases my soul. THE HOR-RORRR 😂😂😂

  17. Cody's pathfinding is as bad as Jeff's from Urban Legends. Unlike Urban Legends tho, it's actually a bad thing here

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