ShadowCaster for IBM PC Compatibles was one of my first FPS experiences. Released on floppy during 1993 for DOS, it was based around id software’s raycasting engine which was somewhere between Wolfenstein 3D and Doom in it’s abilities. In Shadowcaster you play as a chap called Kirt. You possess abilities to shapeshift, and you generally have to defeat evil demons in order to save your kind and possibly the world. You know the score.

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38 thoughts on “ShadowCaster MS-DOS Review | Nostalgia Nerd

  1. I wish Raven Software were making cool games still. Nowadays Activision has them helping with the Call of Duty series

  2. I knew about this game, but never played. Of Raven Software however, a game that I really liked from them was Heretic. Guess it takes a bit of this game. Fantasy realm, uses an ID engine (doom engine this time), inventory system with many magical items… Really enjoyed. Hexen was also pretty good, but Heretic 2 was kinda meh imo.

    Anyway, I'll try it later. This one seems fun too.

  3. Actually it makes sense he doesn't know how to shape shift because if no one else you know can do it why would you think you could and therefore try?

  4. Actually it makes sense he doesn't know how to shape shift because if no one else you know can do it why would you think you could and therefore try?

  5. You should take an eye on "Lands of Lore". I found especially Part II "Guardians of Destiny" from 1997 pretty convincing in terms of storytelling and open world feeling.

  6. I don't know how this game slipped by me, this is the first time I've heard of it and I should have noticed it in magazines at the time.

  7. You've forgot to mention 2 factors that kinda ruin this game.
    1. the random amount of damage that you do.
    sometimes enemies go down fast, sometimes it takes ages, it even led to some deaths.
    2. The musical fanfare after every enemy death.

    I like it, but like every other Raven game that wasn't Heretic/Hexen at the time they kinda fail.

  8. this was only notable for me in that it came bundled with the Logitech Cyberman, a 3d mouse that looked really useful for games like this and Mechwarrior. I saved up for it and finally bought one, only to discover that it was actually really, really shit. Still ranks as my most regretted purchase ever.

  9. Sweet highlight of this more obscure FPS, I quite like the story and engine features. I kind of wish more games were made for this particular iD engine iteration with Wolf3D being too simple and Doom being too hard for many 16 & 32-bit platforms.

  10. Thanks for reviewing this. ShadowCaster was the second PC game I ever bought. I finished it and have fond memories. If I could buy this on GOG, I totally would…

  11. This game is a really weird allegory of puberty and being a furry and scalie and having agalmatophilia.

  12. Looks mostly like a poor man's Ultima Underworld to me, a game which came out the previous year. If you've played that game, is there any reason to recommend ShadowCaster over it?

  13. Great review. I have fond memories of ShadowCaster. I remember one character, Kahpa I believe, had very slow regenerating health. When me and my brother played the game and our health got low, we turned off the CRT and came back when the health has regenerated.

    I also remember the larger enemies got stuck on sides of geometry because they wanted to walk a straight line towards you, although they couldn't. Shooting them while they were stuck was a nice cheap strategy, especially against the end boss.

  14. I want another fantasy Raven Software style of game…
    Now they are divided between Raven software working on CoD and Human Head, developing almost nothing, unfortunately.

  15. I really got into games like this. Heretic and Hexen were awesome, and I also played a game called Witchhaven.

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