I’ll be playing a few games from Everett Kaser Software. They have pretty basic graphics, and are fairly old, but still incredibly fun to play! These games have various configuarations, and I’ll be playing some of my favorites! They require use of logic and deduction, in a Sudoku-like setting to figure out the solution.

Everett Kaser Software:



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4 thoughts on “Sherlock Ep 1: 1 & 10000 – Logic & Deduction Game, Puzzle – Let's Play, Gameplay

  1. I remember getting this game off the CD on a computer magazine. Then a later issue had the shareware version of its sequel, "Dinner with Moriarty" which was the same concept but arranged around a table. Great fun.

  2. I gave this game to my mom and she caught the idea relatively fast – that was maybe 15 years ago… but the version I remember didn't have any other size then 6×6 one and non of those menus – basicly a DOS version of what your playing now which I managed to have working on all windows version up to Windows XP ! (I'm an IT guy…)

    This brings back memories…

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