A playthrough of Konami’s arcade rail shooter released in 2000 for the Sony PlayStation 2, Silent Scope.

Played through the story mode on the default difficulty level.

This was a game that I absolutely loved way back on the Dreamcast when it first came out, enough so that (for whatever reason) I also bought it for the PS2 when it was released. I guess I must’ve thought that you can’t have enough Silent Scope. I burned myself out on it after awhile (I guess there is such a thing as too much), but still, I found myself coming back to it time and time again over the years.

The arcade version was a pretty impressively large and imposing machine with a huge screen and hard-mounted sniper scopes that required you to physically move back and forth to aim at your enemies. It was pretty tense and fast moving, not to mention designed to suck you dry of your quarters.

The console ports are about as close to identical as they possibly can be without the unwieldy controls of the cabinet. It seems strange that Konami would bring this out without a controller (since really, it’s not like Konami was ever shy about released exotic, expensive, barely utilized controllers), since the scope was really the big draw of the game. If you don’t mind adapting though, it does offer a pretty healthy dose of arcade fun at home. The PS2 version supports any USB mouse (just plug it into the PS2’s USB port and it starts working instantly), but I always found switching back and forth between the analog stick and the D-pad on the DualShock to be easiest way to play. No matter which control scheme you pick though, the game is nowhere near easy (seriously – I’m looking at you, stupid dark hallway levels).

It got blasted when it was released as a full-price game on consoles for the dearth of content, but I never really thought it needed any more than it already had. Nobody was going to breeze through it – as long as you enjoy the repetition needed to really practice and master old arcade games, you’ll probably love this.

A fun bit of trivia for retro PC nuts – the original arcade game used a Voodoo 2 card to render its graphics. Go figure 🙂
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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25 thoughts on “Silent Scope (PS2) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. 3:58 "calm down everyone, the criminals are hiding somewhere in this stadium!"

    the more i think about this sentence, the more i think that this would cause more panic than it would calm people down.

  2. This game is cheesy af, the way the Japanese saw American pop culture at the time, but somehow, it's still believeable, they did their research and knew what they were doing without making it too obvious of a parody

  3. Is it me or is this running comically fast? It might be due to the 50hz/60hz divide as I've played the PAL version. I do know that the timer runs slow in the PAL version. At least it is fullscreen though

    Surely by 2000, most companies, Konami included, should been doing speed corections for the PAL release.

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