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This is the game longplay Paperboy 2 and sequel to the video game Paperboy. It was released in 1991-1992 for a large number of home systems and this is the SNES version. It is a simple game in which commands a paperboy is necessary fling them in the mailboxes of the houses, however there are many obstacles to mess up and touch them is fall off the bicycle. Play newspapers in some people also produces some reactions. The game is divided into three routes: the first is a popular neighborhood, the second is a middle-class neighborhood and the third is the neighborhood of the rich. A very simple game and it only has two songs only and only one playable game.

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38 thoughts on “SNES Longplay [526] Paperboy 2

  1. So I found the closest thing possible IRL to what might have been the locale inspiration for Paperboy 2. As we know, the streets in the game feature heavy residential (with housefronts facing towards the street, not apartments) along with a divided section with 2 gas stations on either side of the road. The company that made Paperboy, Tengen, had its HQ in Milpitas while making this game. Thus, I've pinpointed the location to be Park Victoria Dr, with 12 N Park Victoria Dr being one of the gas stations likely "featured" in the game. On top of which, there's a park very close after the gas station mentioned (an obstacle course through a park is one of the features of the game).

  2. I've been looking this game for years, now i found it on youtube.
    Thanks to the uploader, this brings back some of my childhood memories. When everythings cheerful, happiness and days full of smiles.
    I played bomberman also. Thats pretty hard lol

  3. You could say it doesnt push the snes'capabilities to the limit. But seems a good gameplay upgrade from the nes version

  4. Acabei de assistir um video do Lucky Salamander (gameplay de Bully) em que ele cita esse jogo e agora esse video é recomendado pra mim, caralho…

  5. that's the thing that got me as a kid, man, the haunted house mixed with the fact that a scarecrow simply starts chasing you to death at one point.

  6. What a lovely world to exist in: You can live next to a haunted house where zombies walk right out the front door and ghosts can haunt the cemetery in broad daylight while you merrily play basketball next door.

  7. What are the odds that the dirt patch at the house where the guy rolls the tire at you is intentionally shaped like North America?

  8. If sinefield was s paper boy and stopped giving a shit about being a comedian and went bat shit insane

  9. The Mega Drive version absolutely destroys the SNES version here.

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