I’ve been requested this video for so long now and I figured that I will just make a two part series. This video will show you how I play Splatoon and that crazy fast turning stuff I do with Motion Controls.


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Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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37 thoughts on “Splatoon – How DUDE Controls Gamepad w/HANDCAM (1/2)

  1. IMO, this handcam is bad…I would have liked a direct overview of your hands on the controller and maybe zoomed in a bit. I'm still thinking you are using another controller without us knowing, if only because of how hard it is to aim with the game-pad.

  2. Not sure if you still check comments on older videos like this, but still gonna try.
    How do you monitor what's happening in the gamepad while playing? I have to take at least a second it two to observe the map and notice relevant things like where someone is clearly firing. But I don't even have time to notice the way the ink is spreading (to decide what weapon it is). If I take any longer, I get splatted for not watching the main screen. And a lot of competitive players seem to emphasize the point of balancing both without fully explaining how.
    So what's the best way to practice that?

  3. I use sensitivity 5 (max) for everything. I don't have to move my arms, and I don't have to worry about bumping mu gamepad into anything and prevent me to aim properly. I usually use the sticks to look left and right, I only aim purely with motion controls if I need to aim persicely.

    I'm only an A+ you don't have to do as a say ;~;

  4. Do you wear earphones to know there's an enemy close by? because you usually hear an enemy(with weapon) is near by lol

  5. I'm glad they've added the option to disable the motion controls looking at how you play. I definitely don't want to move my arms that much when I play.

  6. I guess now I gotta know how you always keep your hands steady whenever you make a kill. For the life of me, I can never seem to hit anybody because I'm always moving my gamepad all over the place when I'm aiming, and they always manage to kill me before I kill them. How do you do that? What's your motion sensitivity?

  7. The thing is…it all depends on your brain. When you can act and think faster than anyone else than you're automatcly better. When you train yourself in it you're nearly unstopable.

    I'm just MEH. I'm not the fast thinker.

  8. This was very helpful! Thank you. I don't think I will be ever the amazing player you are, but I've done decently just using the analog sticks. Currently A rank and level 50.

  9. Let me ask you something.  I play almost exclusively turf wars, My primary weapon is an aero spray and I m pretty good at it, getting over 2k points isnt unusual for me but I am not very good at ranked battles.  I am S rank but my kill game isnt what it should be.  Aerospray is great for cover but not as great for kills unless you can close the gap fast.  I usually manage to at the very least break even with kills to deaths and just as often kill more but still, that doesnt make a player elite ya know.  It was much easier when I was a lower level, I'd get 10-20 kills a match, but either my game is sliping or everyone else is getting way way better.  Anyway, do you have any recommendations to improve my kill rate and also, I can't seem to wait to use my special when its charged, what if you get splated, then its half wasted.  I suppose its better to waste it then use it when its not needed?  Anyway, any tips for up-ing my kill game would be really helpful.

  10. Dang I feel slow, all this time I could've just turned the game pad slightly. I was wondering how people jumped and aimed at the same time. Smh.

  11. It looks like you play this game as a motion-assisted dual stick, which is interesting; you keep your thumb primarily over the right stick and use the X button for jumping as a second thought. I guess that IS the best way of juking the opponent while shooting them – hitting a few times and strafing in the ink slightly to throw them off. I'll really have to adjust my play style if I want to ever keep my S rank, thanks Dude!

  12. Man watching you play is amazing! That one splat in your last match where you swim behind a barrel, then pop out to get the kill was so seamless! Keep up the top notch work bro!

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