Swap DRC allows you to play TV only Games on your WiiU’s GAMEPAD. Is your TV Occupied? Want to Play Splatoon? No Problem – You can Easily Swap Screens and Play Online!
– You need Firmware 5.5.1 CFW/Homebrew for this to work (or Haxchi/CBHC)
– Wiimotes Work!

How to Softmod your WiiU: (follow this first)
GBATemp Thread:

Intro Video/Music: Louis “Foreign Noi$e”

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37 thoughts on “Swap DRC – Swap TV & WiiU Gamepad Screens! – How to Play Splatoon ON YOUR GAMEPAD!

  1. Do I need SD Caffeine for this to work?? I downloaded the swap DRC and whenever I load it, it just brings me back to the Homebrew screen again… And I don't have Caffeine.

  2. i would love to do that but my wii u downloads updates automatically. Now i'm on 5.5.2. I do have Haxchi but my homebrew launcher is at version 1.4 and it always crashes

  3. Dont forget about minecraft splitscreen… You cant play on the gamepad if you dont have a tv with multiplayer…

  4. I Fix My Old Wii U Resently And I Want To Upgrade To A Speficic Wii U Frameware Is It Possible And If So How???

  5. I want to play games like smash and splatoon
    but it says i need to update to get online. Is there a way i can hardmod instead of softmod so i can update? i really wanna smash :C

  6. Cool feature and cool video but I noticed that if you use this on normal sysNand and that you try to go on Homebrew Launcher with the web browser exploit it freeze, gonna test with Mocha,
    And would you do a video about installing Haxchi and Coldboot Haxchi ?

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