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39 thoughts on “Tattletail | Bad & Good Ending

  1. All Tattletail Secrets & Codes

  2. You know the drill
    1. You
    2. Tattletail
    3. Nightnight
    4. Blueberry
    5. Snowglove
    6. Mama
    7. Papa
    8. Tattle skeleton
    9. Deadly mama
    0. Creator

  3. Teacher: Welcome back everyone, how was your Christmas break?
    Johnny: We went to my grandpa's house!
    Susie: We put on a play!
    Protag: I completed a ritual to banish the evil Mama Tattletail doll!
    Teacher: Hello Social Service?

  4. There was also a secret ending were you needed to buy the dlc to tattletail, then you needed to beat the game. No spoilers for that ending sorry.

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