The Ending of Debris! I have thoroughly enjoyed this indie game title say for that one part with the sharks.

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Debris is an atmospheric single-player adventure game set in a surreal frozen ocean. Trapped in the depths, you must reach the surface to survive. Power is scarce, your team is lost and unusual creatures lurk in the darkness. Escape together or die alone.

Nguồn: https://rantbit.com

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44 thoughts on “The Horror We Didn't Expect! – Debris Gameplay | Ep5 ENDING

  1. Just like that it was over. Thanks everyone who kept up with this series. I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

  2. Wow the fact that he was going insane from the very beginning and that chris was nvr alive and sonya is just piloting a little squid trying to deal with his illness

  3. What a beautiful and amazing game, I hope this game is successful and people see the purpose of this game and understand why it is so important to see the end message.

  4. That ending …….it hint me hard I don’t know what to think I ……….I love the character Rayn

  5. If you do it with a friend you can understand much earlier that Ryan is having hallucinations, because they play Sonya, and they don't hear any of the stuff Chris says – and most importantly, sees stuff you don't, and doesn't see stuff you do. That, coupled with the fact that Sonya is much more stable than Ryan, is a pretty big clue early on that what Ryan is seeing isn't reality.

  6. I did not see this ending coming that's pretty cool that people would make a game to cause awareness like this

  7. Does he not know to use the flare against the sharks? Anyway, beaver you are a great youtuber. Keep up the good work!

  8. Okay so this must be in the arctic or near Canada because rcmp stands for royal Canadian mounted police also they must have better funding from the government if something like this happened and they were called in

  9. Anyone stressing over the jellyshroom caves you got the jellyfish things and the weird worm things god i need my seamoth

  10. Chris was either a figment of Ryan's reality and that body that they thought was Chris was Casey the first partner Ryan lost or Chris is ALTA and I think Sonya is the fish AI who is also ALTA and it was just Ryan by himself and the two partners you saw on part one were his partners from long ago and when he first started the story he had been in a cryogenic state where he couldn't do anything and when he woke up everyone was already dead or that body they saw was a lost diver

  11. Man I pray to find a woman like Sonya like even when Ryan completely doubted her she just kept by his side turning her focus to helping him and being supportive that is amazing

  12. wait…Chris wouldn't die there just plain in the water…did something attak him?Or did he run out of power?

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