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44 thoughts on “The Top 10 Yugioh Cards That Were Made By Yugioh Players/Fans Just Like You – The Yugioh Hierarchy

  1. I actually wanted to make and draw supreme (hero) monster card with saiko pendulum card support.
    And in the last i made saikuriboh drawing.Its effect is is like you can use this card for a substituion for a fusion monster.
    And there are two more effect by discarding saikuriboh i can make the damage i took to zero untill the end phase or negate the destruction of a monster until the endphase.

  2. My attempt to come up with an idea for a monster:
    Forbidden Experiment No.84 "The Cleansing 'Servant' "
    type: Vampire/Dicloneus
    atk :3500 def:1850 (8 stars)
    Effect: +750 Atk for each monster "destroyed" by this monster.
    Attempting to Destroy this monster (as the card user,not the opponent) will instantaneously set your Life Points to 0.
    [needs to be summoned by scientific- ,demonic- or necromancy-related monsters. cannot be destroyed by a trap card.

    Description:"due to genetically altering expiriments, this monster is rightfully called a monster, as any humanity and moral standing of him is completely gone.
    gaining "complete" Psychopathy. he has unhumane bloodlust and methods for finishing off their prey,
    capable of using psychokinetic vibrations to create "hands" called "Vectors" it is very loyal to its master and will serve it in trade of consuming the blood corpses of fallen enemies, however if its master EVER were to betray him, then his wrath will be unleashed.

  3. I love trump witch and proudly use it in my odd eyes even if skull Crobat is banned and it's not practical still a pretty solid real eff

  4. Cap what are you saying about Trump witch? You can see her feet in the tcg card, the pendulum eff just obscures it, it doesn't fully cut it off like you're implying.

  5. They all suck…They are ugly and as a collector I would not want them…Why have we not gotten a Blue Eyes Baby Dragon yet?

  6. Nice that Konami takes the time to check out fan made art and pick out the best or most interesting,make the fan's art into a card. I would've expected them to only accept great quality card art like the Dragon ice one.

  7. I have that vacuum card. When I got it I just stared blankly at it for a few minutes thinking they'd finally lost it xD

  8. am I the only one that keeps thinking of the dark magician girl every time they see the performapal trump witch ?

  9. I wouldn't say that last artist "out drew" the professionals. The style simply appears more "hand drawn", which we assume is more time-intensive, therefore we think it either took more time, or took more skill to make. All of these things are simply assumptions. If you look closely, you'll notice that it's just a different color palette, different shading technique and because of those things, plus the changed geometry/perspective, the Konami version has more depth, despite being brighter. Brightness
    and clean edges tend to be attributed to simplicity and low-skill work, versus darker tones and blurred edges being attributed to skilled work. That's just not the case here. Assumptions all over the place.

    Also, let's not forget that they had to change something. And, that they had to keep the art style relatively consistent with the rest of the game. And they needed to consider their target demographic, ensuring that the final design would appeal to them, not be too "scary" and not cause parents to think too badly about a game that already dabbles in some questionable directions when you're talking about a childrens' card game.

    Just sayin'.
    Maybe give it a bit more thought.

  10. Omg I forgot its called "Zecksal" in America…But I didn't know any of these were fan made! (Except bachibachibachi)!

  11. Dotedotengu looks like Shiftry. What was their inspiration? Is it based on a japanese ritual I am unaware of?

  12. 6:00 Skreech is now based on Pepe because it works with Frog decks and its name is based on RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  13. My friend did that contest too and made light end dragon,dark end dragon, and light and darkness dragon! OwO

  14. I remember creating a monster as well for that contest when it got announced here in germany for the first time.
    I drew a big pig-like demon with an oven as its belly in which flames were burning that had ghost like shapes, i didnt added a name to the monster but an effect idea that it would equip monsters it has destroyed in battle to strength itself or get tokens for that, like KO them and throw them into its oven belly. I never found out what happend to the design. =/

  15. Quite a few of these cards appeared in the anime… Aki used Splendid rose in her Duel runner license exam. Jack Atlas used Chaos King Archfiend against a Duel Runner smuggler after borrowing it from a Sector Security member he accidentally hospitalized. We already Know that Yusei used Drill Synchron and Warrior more then once. Luna used Bird of Roses when she tagged with her brother against Lester. Morphtronic Vaccumen was used by said brother Leo in the same duel. Yuma used BachiBachiBachi as material to give Utopia a piercing effect (he rose it's level to be used as Xyz material that way). Yuma also used Tatakawa Knight against a Barian controlled Student Body President in one episode. Tong Twister made a cameo in the background of one episode of Zexal when Yuma's Grandmother was talking with a friend at a restaurant, a waiter somehow won with it. Dodotengu was used by Yuma yet again against another Barian controlled individual. Yuya used Trump Witch in the anime as a substitute for Poly in more then one occasion, having first summoned Beast-Eyes, and Brave-eyes with it's help.

    I don't think neither Screech nor Dragon Ice has ever showed up in the anime though.

    Dose it say something about me that I was able to pull all of this up in my head without looking it up?

  16. That was super wholesome. Max props to the drill warrior creator, that car was one of my mvp during the time of release, and it reminds me very much of my favorite anime of all time, Gurren Lagann.

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