With the update yesterday a brand new Ghost Leg Power Up Event has arrived which gives you a chance at getting SSR Pendants, 5 Star Awakening Stones, Demon Materials and TONS of top level materials every single day! This is one of my favourite bonus events so far, today we fully breakdown everything you need to do and go for 70 Tickets aka 14 Runs to see what we’re going to get!

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38 thoughts on “This New Event is AWESOME!!! – Ghost Leg Power Up Event OP – Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Global

  1. Hate this event. Got only shit with it. I see the ssr pendant or the chalice, nope, let's get the 10 enhance stones…

  2. This event is amazing . I got lucky and unlucky too but the prize are great..
    As a f2p player I have about 300+ stamina potion and i have about 300 silver coin. I would gladly get 20 tickets daily from the coin shop to get more useful items…

  3. I like this bridge event more than the spinner just because it’s more fun and the randomness is what makes it fun. Also more fun because with spinner I knew I’d get all the rewards

  4. I’ve pulled a total of 10 ssr pendants so far. I got stupid lucky and got 3 2x multi’s and then 4 regular ones. I’m trying to 80 escanor and demon meli so these are coming in handy. The other stuff was mainly demon drops, which are also pretty nice as I’m usually unlucky and only get red demon lol

  5. i see how they move, everytime they come across a bridge the go across it, so you can predict what you’ll get while you move, but it’s all RNG in this game.

  6. I wonder if we're ever gonna get the 6/6 Green Lillia. If we don't then we are most likely not gonna get 6/6 Halloween Guila for free

  7. A really good event for sure, I've got 3 SSR for now, I think I'll use those coins on it, I've 150 pots anyway

  8. From my experience, the SSR Pendants in the first part are always on the outside. If you pick path 2 and 3, you should always get them if they are in part one. Again, that has been my experience so far, but I have bought the silver coin tickets each day and done 70 tickets work of runs and I have picked up 7 pendants so far.

  9. i havent got a single ssr pendant or 5 star awakening stone, i cant believe this event give such rewards but i have such bad luck ;-;

  10. I feel like everyone missed the slime spin wheel event? I got 40 of all limit break equipment and that's the reason I have a team of lvl 75, and 3 lvl 70

  11. "oh no y did you cross the bridge you mug"
    Was drinking soda. laughed and now its coming out my nose now thanks seatin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Would love to have some more kind of games, but which actually require a bit of skill (like hawk runs).But with good rewards like this 🙂

  13. You can never trust Elizabeth she always dodging Ssr pendants and getting nothing or 10 enhance stones

  14. Alright Seztin, i'm in big trouble and i need your help. I'm a f2p player and I want to become a tiny little whale. I was thinking about buying the new cosmetic bundle for escanor, but then i just dropped meliodas. So i'm hesitating: is it better to buy cosmetics for escanor or meliodas ( i'm using both of them a lot)? And are these packs even worth it?
    If someone could help me making a choice, it would be crazy nice 🙂

  15. Anyone have bug in ios where you don get the ghost leg ticket when doing death match/boss battle and ft fortress?

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