In the first part of this short series, learn how to create a functional and game-ready First-Person player pawn, starting with setting up the pawn and weapon blueprint and creating an animation blueprint from scratch. Topics covered: Asset handling, material creation, skeletal meshes, animation blueprints, player pawn blueprints, child actors.

NOTE: The assets in the download pack are provided free of charge for non-commercial use only.

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49 thoughts on “UE4 Tutorial: First-Person Player Pawn (Part 1)

  1. This is awesome! I've been waiting for this tutorial video since last year. Finally you made it and I cant wait to watch the next episode from you! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  2. just made my own gun model in blender, working on more models, the design I want is low poly so I can port it to mobile and work on pretty much anything, maybe a toaster

  3. hey i maked all things u do with my own animations and models thanks its very useful but i have question i want to add real run animation not walking andd how to attach my run animation to shift key from blueprints(my character already have walking animation)

  4. hi after i import the animations, how did you get the montages. is it as simple as to make a montage and then open it and pick the anim you need?

  5. how to implement to the Event Blueprint Update Animation DIrection and Speed variables when you using blendspaces? Please HELP

  6. There's no FPS idle or run animation.? I deleted all arms_ anims and then re imported then and placed fps_arms_rigged as skeleton yet there's no such animation for idle or run. All animations that have "arms" in them are all the ones with Guns only. Nothing of just arms. What to do ?

  7. Brooo u are awesome, I’ve done all other peeps tutorials urs is epic better then alll. Butt plssss add ai that u can shoot n they shoot u, that would make u a corona god…ur tutorials are really making this lockdown bearable, will you take a moment and giver for us us noobs, it’ll be awesome thanks man

  8. Materials and animations will not download into UE4, the skeletons conflict. I am using 4.24, any idea why?

  9. For anyone looking for a ready to go FPS Online Multiplayer Template for UE4,here you go. https://gum.co/dFQpY Hope that helps some out .Good luck on the game dev everyone.

  10. Hi…could you help me….I can find fpsarms_rigged_skeleton, because when i want to import it, UE said failed to merge bones. Failed to merge skeletalmesh 'AK_reload_anim'

  11. Don't try to import everything all at once, just import as needed as you encounter each asset in the video. This especially applies for animations which require skeletal meshes exist before importing or it asks you and if you assign a default mesh it becomes a huge headache.

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