Dan and Arin seek love, flirts, and avoid fights in Undertale. Also, they go on a fancy date.

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35 thoughts on “Undertale – 1 – Game Grumps Stream VOD (05/07/19)

  1. I love how the main character looks like she just doesnt give a single fuck about anything going on around her xD

  2. I wish Arin would be willing to shit on the parts that bother him, I'm here for game grumps, not lame grumps

  3. 1:34:00

    I just realized it says green… In red text…. Because dogs see color differently.

  4. Here are the reasons I think Undertale takes place in 2009:

    Roman Numerals for 9 are IX

    The shitty cell phones

    The complete lack of parental supervision

    The way everyone talks

    The fact that not all anime is hentai (YET)

    But that’s just a theory. A GAY THEORY

  5. Genuinely felt hurt and offended when Arin said he didn't like Toriel, the best character in the game.
    Well that's not fair all the characters are the best characters.

  6. am i the only one who came here because of being bored in quarantine and wanted to watch some undertale

  7. ive only ever watched jackspediceye's playthrough so to me the flowey voice is incredibly rough.
    i know their different people but its still kinda weird

  8. “Hey Billy, what’s your favorite Game Grumps episode?”
    “I like the one where Arin pet the Lesser Dog for a loooooong time!”

  9. itsfucking3amwhyamiwatchingGAMEGRUMPS?!?!? I can't laugh because I don't wanna wake anyone up SO WHY AM I WATCHING THIS??!?!?!??! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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