This is a 1 credit high scoring clear of Vampire Night / ヴァンパイアナイト, a House of the Dead like game made by WOW Entertainment from 2000.

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Vampire Night is a light gun game themed around Vampires, it has great voice acting (Yeh, hoomans), branching paths and long boss fights.

The game has a dynamic difficulty (rank) system which sways the difficulty of the bosses, by default the bosses would take 3 hits to deplete the red cancel bar, but this goes up to 6 hits, as quickly as the Stage 2 boss, if you haven’t lost a life. As I try my best to show in this video, it is still possible to deal with all the bosses at this difficulty, however the final boss is way too difficult. When trying to do this run, I had on at least 20 occasions where I would get to the final boss and then end my credit, even if I made it to the boss with 5 lives.

The branching paths in Vampire Night are: On Stage 2, the upper route on is activated by saving Caroline when she gets caught, and later when she gets chased, also if you shoot the door, missing the door will skip that part.
On Stage 3, the branch is chosen by the order of statues shot at the start of the stage, at 11:48 the left and right statues take you their respective ways.
And on Stage 4, the branch is made from shooting the enemies after Caroline appears at 21:56, if you take less or longer than 7.5 seconds, the route is then selected.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to display the score on arcade mode on the Playstation 2 version (on an arcade you pull the triggers after inserting a coin in the order: P2, P1, P2, P1, P2, P2, P1)
It is possible to display it on Special Mode, so from what I seem to have worked out, scoring is as follows;
Every hit: 10, Projectiles: 0
All enemies: 100, Hitting weak point: 300,
Rescuing villagers: 400, Flamethrower’s tanks: 500
Items: 800, Bosses: 1500, Losing a life: -100,
Stage Clear: 2500, Stages 1&6 award 4000,
Life Ups when on maximum lives: 1000
To maximise score, you would want to weaken every enemy and then finish them off with hitting the weak point, while losing as few lives as possible. The Arcadia record for this game is 114,620, HIM and M.T have scored over 120k.
The end of stage life bonus is awarded if the accuracy+villagers rescued is over a certain amount, it seems to be 150%. There is no life bonus if you are on maximum lives, which the default is 5 lives.
On bosses, they have to make a noise for it to award the 10 points, so if they have loads more health, it doesn’t benefit score.

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00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Chapter 1
03:13 – Chapter 2
10:36 – Chapter 3
18:28 – Chapter 4
25:35 – Chapter 5
32:37 – Chapter 6
38:49 – Ending

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44 thoughts on “Vampire Night 1 Credit Clear 100,730 Points

  1. オーギュスト率いる🧛‍♂️🧛ヴァンパイア軍団を倒すのはすごいね。水道橋・後楽園、横浜みなとみらい・コスモワールドでクリアしたぜ。秋葉原のゲーセン🎮️🏠️に復活して欲しいぜ。

  2. The way one of the two heroes claims he kept a human "warmth" at the end of the game… is just the coldest possible.

  3. 村人全員13人救えたバンパイアハンター・ミシェル、アルベールはすごい。

  4. The way past meetings and conflicts are obliquely mentioned throughout the game makes me realize that this is merely the climax of a much longer story; I wouldn't mind knowing the rest of this tale, especially given the numerous references to other great vampire media present (the stage 1 quote mimics the "But Transient Visitors Are We" routine from Vampire Hunter D, the stage 5 boss is a clear nod to Rahab from Soul Reaver, the last boss is a clear Castlevania shout-out, etc.)

  5. I remember I played and beat this game over and over in the Arcade, ever since they moved The House of the Dead 2 & 3, evenutally 4.

  6. Well that was a shitty ending, you'd think something good would happen if you saved all the villagers or such.

  7. Did Vampire Night support 4-pin Firewire (i-Link) twin console linking via the "s400" jack – next to the USB jacks on older phat PS2 consoles? I'm reading conflicting information online and can't find a YouTube example like I can for Time Crisis 2 & 3 PS2 system link.

  8. There must have been so many translation issues when making this game. It sounds like the whole thing was written in google translate

  9. Ok I'm playing the game and in training mode there is this one mode where you shoot life ups and it's so hard do you have any advice for hitting the life ups

  10. Wow, excellent game play. I used to play this game all the time when I was younger, it was the first PS2 game I got with the Guncon 2. I've probably got 1000s of hours on that single game alone and I can remember every detail of the game. I never really played the vanilla arcade mode though, only the special mode and training which was what made this game pretty great. Awesome score though, I could not have the trigger discipline nor the patience to try and attempt a good score on the game; I'd probably stuff up on every villager sarcoma shot. Also the Aussie accent on the woman who ploughs into the knights armour on chapter 4 XD

  11. Thanks for playing this since I don't have these kind of games in my country, especially THOTD 4 🙁

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