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Welcome back to tattletail a really cool retro style horror game set in the 90’s. It reminds me so much of five nights at freddy’s with its retro style and horror mechanics. In this episode we collect all the eggs, glitch on top of the house and get the very secret ending.

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48 thoughts on “WE FOUND OUR PARENTS!? | Tattletail Secret Ending + All Easter Eggs

  1. You acually don't kill mama you just banish her from your house and she goes to kill someone else in there home

  2. Bijuu:''Mom im jumping on the bed and you cant do anything to stop me''!
    Mom:*Takes off belt*''U sure about that?''

  3. Sees the word:” WE FOUND OUR PARENTS!?”
    Me: :0 watches to the end
    Also me: what… I didn’t see the parents..

  4. Me: I'll listen to original mistake (tattletail) say u—h—o–h for the rest of my life (=^=)

  5. that ending which mama kills you after you open the gift only happens if you dont collect all the eggs

  6. It's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me it's me call 6666666

  7. When u opened tattletail on xmas day, there was another present in front pf him that u were supposed to open then u would get a golden flashlight. Then the task would say wake up your mom and the screen would turm completely white and that would be the end

  8. Nobody:

    Not even My pillow case:

    Tattletail when he is low on battery: UhhhoHhhhhhhhh… UhhhhhOooooooohhh……

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