Japan has not only revealed plans to make flying cars a reality recently, but also your oldest childhood dreams of dueling Yugioh cards in real life as close to the anime as possible. They revealed some advanced image recognition technology that enables them to easily scan current circulating Yugioh cards meaning all the cards that you’ve collected up til now from the beginning of time, will be usable in future games they make with this new tech. If all goes well, trading card games may just make its biggest comeback yet.

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32 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh Reveals Future of Card Games

  1. They made holograms on a small scale using ultrasonic levitation. Eventually it will get larger in size

  2. Lol beginning bit was dumb. dubai already has flying cars and other couple countries have it aswell they still working on it but yeah jt isnt japan

  3. Not everyone has a Smartphone, but more importantly: Not everyone would want this kind of Virtual Reality, because it's just too dull. Seeing it though your phone? That's boring.

  4. Wait so pro duelist could be a thing? Awesome I can’t wait to go to duel academy and do things like fight an evil light worshipping cult, stop an old man from trying to use 3 cards to become immortal, and most importantly beat up a teacher.

  5. I just imagined people making suits that go along with their decks lol 😂 blue eyes deck dress up like kiabaman, six samurai deck dress up like samurai

  6. Future my ass. We will never see a Female Protagonist, never. I just hope for a Good Female Character at all…

  7. What i think komani should do is make a play mat that can make holographic forms of your cards which i think is way better than having a vr headset on or holding your smart phone !

  8. How about duel disks with holowgrams that shock if you lose life points with high-tech 3d 1eye glass to see life points and more

  9. I'm all ready for the irl duelist kingdom, got my invitation cards ready and just waiting for someone to try stealing souls

  10. everyone:it's cool!!!
    me:nah, give me a smart AI to play with it, i'm hate plalying with other persons because, everyone gonna otk/ftk me.

  11. The inventor should change his name to Seto Kaiba as soon as this tech is developed and distributed to the world. He will claim he is the best duelist of the entire world, the inventor of the cardgame will afcourse be called Maximillian Pegasus from now on. And Yugi/Yami? He should rise up as soon as this happens. Me, i will learn to play duelmonsters in an attempt to crush everyone for my own financial gains.

  12. VR headset attached to electronic duel disk and able to use any Yu-Gi-Oh card ever made even while in a card sleeve.

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